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Erudio can handle any class schedule that you can throw at it, however complex. Organizing your entire academic life has never been this simple.

Reminder colors make organizing your courses a snap. Everything that has to do with a class will be color-coded to match.

Assign a location to each of your courses' sections. Erudio can remind you of tasks & assignments when you arrive at class.

Separate your courses into each of your terms. Semesters, trimesters, blocks—no grouping of classes will confuse Erudio.

Erudio's week-by-week timeline enables you to visualize your entire term. Every week's classes, sections, tasks, and assignments are laid out concisely and beautifully.

With just one tap, Erudio will present you with a detailed overview of what you need to make it through the upcoming week.

Every week of your term is visible from one place. Never again wonder how many weeks you've completed or have left in the term.

All of your tasks, assignments, and sections are grouped by into days, showing you every upcoming event in your academic life.

Manage your courses

Week-by-Week Timeline

Sync with the cloud

Track your grades

Keep on top of your tasks

Geofenced reminders

Erudio calculates your grades live—updated as you enter each assignment. Never again will the grades on your report card come as a surprise.

View overall grades for each of your courses, or by tapping on a class, reveal your grade broken down by assignment and category.

With Erudio, completed tasks become your grades—check off an assignment when you turn it in and enter its grade when it's handed back. Erudio handles the rest.

Weighted grading? No problem. Erudio's assignment categories make elaborate grade calculations a thing of the past.

Erudio's task list will be the best you've ever used. Simple, intuitive, and powerful, it will have you questioning how you ever managed your assignments any other way.

Assignments are still tasks. Erudio gets that. Enter a task and flip a switch to make it an assignment that will factor into your grade.

Erudio's practical task sorting enables you to arrange your tasks by course, due date, completed status, or grade.

Add reminders so that you don't have to constantly check your upcoming tasks. Erudio can remind you at a time or a place.